Aleksandr Ruzhansky: It is easy, we are increasingly turning into Russia. There is no reason to assume, that the regime of Poroshenko will be able to stop creating an authoritarian system similar to Russian.

Original Facebook article
Another half a year ago, in his article “Ukraine is not Russia? Wait Loading … “, I wrote the following:

And now there is no reason to believe that Poroshenko’s regime will somehow be able to stop in the creation of an authoritarian system like the Russian one. All these processes will only intensify. And we can stop them only with us.

And here is what happened recently and happened yesterday with Mikhail Saakashvili – this is also a ruble from Russian-Putin’s modern history. We can’t decrease the significance of the Saakashvili’s deportation and reduce what happened to some kind of personal revenge, which has obscured the brain of Poroshenko. Nothing obscured Petro Alekseevich’s brain. On the contrary, everything is clear and consistent.

All these inferences, they say, only a personal hatred of Miho does not allow Poroshenko to understand the negative effects of his actions against the President of Georgia, including in the international plane, that has nothing to do with the real motives of Peter Alekseevich and his standpoint. For once again, this is a conscious Russian matrix of the policy of the Poroshenko’s regime.

Just the same, at the beginning of Putin’s presidency, everybody was asking: How does Vladimir Vladimirovich doesn’t understand the consequences of Khodorkovsky’s arrest and the destruction of Yukos? This is a shame in the face of the whole world! And what? On the levers of the ghostly international image and internal security of his regime, Putin, rather pragmatically, chose for himself the second option. And for international martyrs and Russian truth-believers Putin used a simple, in fact, trick, which was heard from every Russian iron :


Concerning Khodorkovsky and his company verdicts and decisions handed down, were made by Russian courts, in which activities the President of Russia has no right to interfere. EVERYBODY CAN BE FREE.

And now compare with yesterday’s statement by Poroshenko about Saakashvili :

He violated the Ukrainian law, he was convicted in Georgia, and it is not my duty as a president to decide what will be decided about him, he could be deported, although I wouldn’t want it. It is the duty of the State Migration Service and the State Border Guard Service. I do not want to influence them.

Yes, Petro Alekseevich, we definitely believe you! You have nothing to do with it at all. And in general, you are a mega-perception of truthfulness and sincerity. I am sick on my stomach, you are so honest and not ever influenced and never will on the system of public administration. Never and nevermore.

In short, friends, objectively, our business is grave. It must be clear so that we will not be surprised when dragged into “Ruski’ mir.” To understand and act by rejecting the ambition of the political party and hetmanlike dreams. And first of all, to act on the unification of people, who in this theater of the absurd still hold a common sense.